FIBTEX is worldwide professional supplier of fiberglass and geosynthetics material served in construction industry for more than 12 years.We expanded our business scope to food industry and display our new product-silicone baking mat in 2012.

At present,our products have been exported to more than 40 countries and severed more than 150 customers.Our slogan is Win customers with Full satIsfaction,mutual Benifit,advanced Technology,high Efficiency and rich eXperience.

We mainly offer the following items.

Silicone Baking mat

Polyester roofing fabric

Machines:Creel  Rapier weaving machine For Fiberglass mesh   Production line of fiberglass mesh,Production line of self-adhesive joint tape,productiion line of PVC coated fiberglass fabric.

Fiberglass Products

1.Fiberglass mesh
2.Drywall joint tape/Fiberglass self-adhesive joint tape/Mesh tape;
3.Fiberglass insect screen/fly screen,vinyl coated polyester screen;
4.Fiberglass filament yarn,roving,texturized roving;
5.Woven roving/E-glass and C-glass woven rovings,woven fabric
6.Chopped strand mat/CSM/fiberglass mat/stitch bonded mat,Combo mat,fiberglass tissue/Roofing mat,Fiberglass needle mat
7.Fiberglass Fabric/Cloth,Acrylic,PVC,Aluminum foil,PU,Silicone rubber,Vermiculite coated fiberglass fabric
8.Fiberglass sleeving/insluation sleeving.


1.HDPE/PP uniaxial geogrids,PP biaxial geogrids, Fiberglass geogrids,warp knitted polyester geogrids;
2.Geotextiles/non woven geotextiles/non woven fabrics,woven geotextiles;
4.Geonets/draiange nets/geocomposites;
5.Geomats/geosynthetic mats/turf reinforcement mats;
6.Geomembranes/pond Liners;
7.Geosynthetic clay liners/GCLs;
8.Rubber waterstops,water seals;
9.Engineering fibers/Geofibers;
10.Vertical drain,Other engineering materials,earthwork materials,civil and geotechnical and much more geosynthetics products.

As one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of these products in China, we’re confident that you will be pleased with our services and reasonable prices.

To find out what we can do for you, call or e-mail us today. We are sincerely looking forward to your cooperation with us for mutual benefits.